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It has been a while since my last post, so here is something that has been sitting in my email for about a week:

Sproul Doctrinal Studies Series (Free Download)

NEW from Doxa Digital Press!
Where Theology Meets Technology

Author: R.C. Sproul
Series: Sproul Doctrinal Studies
Volume Number: 1
Price: Free
Publisher: Doxa Digital Press
Media: Download
Coupon Code: SPROUL
Hebrews, Part 1 by R.C. Sproul is now available as a Free Download as part of our Sproul Doctrinal Studies Series!

You’ll learn about:

The Canonicity of Hebrews
The Authorship of Hebrews
The “Lapsed”
Sproul’s View of Hebrews 6
And More!
To download Hebrews, Part 1 for free, go to:



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1) Baker Exegetical Commentary on the NT, Vol. 1 (Libronix)

Print Value: $370.00
List Price of CD: $299.99
OUR PRICE: $129.95
This series provides pastors, students, and teachers with substantive, yet accessible, Bible commentaries. Includes the following:

Luke, Volume 1 by D. Bock
Luke, Volume 2 by D. Bock
John by A. Kostenberger
Romans by T. Schreiner
1 Corinthians by D. Garland
Philippians by M. Silva
1 Peter by K. Jobes
Revelation by G. Osborne

Price good through Jan. 31st.  Click here to get it.

2) Verse by Verse 10 Volume CD-ROM Set by Dr. Grant Richison (Libronix)


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Newest Libronix Sale from RCS

Special: Essential IVP Reference Collection Version 2 on CD-ROM (Libronix)

Print Value: $550.00
List Price of CD: $180.00
OUR PRICE: $89.95 (a 50% savings)


Special: Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture CD-ROM Volume 1 (Libronix)

List Price: $480.00
Our Price: $239.95 (a 50% savings)


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Click here for the product page. It includes Kent Hughes’ useful commentary series, and a good selection of other tools. Many of the “essential” tools are not included, and for that you would have to buy a separate package or retail product, but in some ways this may be beneficial so that there are no duplicates of common books.

Full content list after the break.


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You don’t want to miss out on this!

This year’s Christmas Special is Library Builder 4-6, worth over $5000 separately but yours for only  $399.95.  OR, order right now before the contents page is up to save $20 off the cost and also get free shipping.  It is guaranteed not to have duplicates of the resources found in last year’s special.

Get it here.  From the email:

This offer is valid on the web only at the special URL above, and only until the product pages are all posted live on the site, which is probably only a day or so away…

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Libronix Wishlist

This is in no means a ranking of the best Libronix resources, but just the ones I don’t have and would be particularly useful to sermon prep and studies, in order of importance to me:

  1. Grudem’s Systematic Theology – $40
  2. Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics – $40
  3. Libronix Scholar’s Gold Upgrade from Silver -$300
  4. Discipleship Journal -$85
  5. Holman NT Commentary – $120

I would also like the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the NT, but am waiting for it to be reasonable on Ebay. And there are also a few Jay Adams books for Libronix, but single titles sure do seem expensive in comparison to the bundles.

Being reasonable, maybe numbers 1-7 I can add within the next five years. Already I am blessed by the gift of such an extensive library, and spoiled by the fact that a majority of my exegetical work and commentary consultation can be done digitally.

Removed from the list (purchased):

  1. MacArthur NT Commentary Upgrade -$130
  2. Courson’s OT&NT Application Commentary (NT is good enough) – $30
  3. Bible Speaks Today NT – $70
  4. Hanegraaff Lifeworks Library – $50
  5. Ultimate Archaeology Collection (BAR is all I needed)- $400

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My Digital Library

Recently I had the blessing of picking up some of Phil Gons’ books to add to my Libronix library, bringing the total number of resources up to 3054.  Yes, that’s right, digitally I have nearly six times the number of books on my shelf.  Digital books are great because they are portable, searchable, and actually can cost quite a bit less.  With all the free public domain books that can be added, it is quite a useful tool.  Phil recently made a post to the same effect.

In any case, look for a list of resources after the break.  Be prepared – it’s long! (and sorted by author/series).  Maybe I’ll join LibraryThing and upload all the ISBNs one day:


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