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Listen to Music Online

Sure, there are a lot of sites that offer streaming music.  But this one is so simple you may be using it often.

Songza basically searches YouTube and then plays back what it finds without the video.  Instead of going to the iTunes store to listen to previews, this may be useful to you.

Alternatively, there is Hype Machine and Pandora.


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It is my privilege to commend to you the blog of Jonathan Dodson called Creation Project.  Jonathan is the author of a wonderful article in the Journal of Biblical Counseling entitled Accountability Groups which I recently cited for my paper on Repentance vs. Penance, and it can be downloaded here. (pdf link)  There are some other edifying articles there that he has written for Boundless, and his blog interacts quite a bit with modern music if that is of interest to you.

Here are some quotes from the journal article:


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It had been months since I had fired up Joost at all, since generally there isn’t much content to view.  Correction, there isn’t much worthwhile content to view.  But today I received in my inbox a notice that the over-the-internet Joost will be re-airing MLB playoff games within 24 hours of their first airing, and it piqued my interest to see what other new features and programs have been added.

Lo and behold, CNN has put together a good documentary on Christianity after Jesus under Roman rule.  Check it out at http://joost.com/101002aIf you need an invitation, I have some of those left too, just leave a comment or email me.

Not familiar with Joost? Get to know it here.

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Last night I happened to read an article on Parchment and Pen, the blog of Reclaiming the Mind who are generously hosting those past ETS papers. Many of the posts are insightful and already I subscribed via Google Reader. Here are three recent articles worth checking out:

Athiesm Poster – Ever wonder what Athiests think of Christianity? Sometimes it is so clear to me, thanks to the Holy Spirit, that I forget how it Christianity appears to the uninitiated.

Roger Olson’s God – Recently I’ve been surprised how many different and conflicting perspectives there are concerning God, causing me to wonder if we worship the same God. C Michael Patton compares his theology with that of Roger Olson, whose book The Story of Christian Theology I’m enjoying currently.  Other’s in the series of comparisons include Clark Pinnock and Joel Osteen.

Original NT Manuscripts – What would the original NT writings, or autographs, look like if we found them today?  How do we know that we haven’t found them?  Clear, concise, and colorful, Dan Wallace has a gift for teaching.

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The Resurgence Greek Project not only offers the text of the Septuagint (LXX) but has programmed parsing and simple translation information on mouse-over. Check it out! Though it may not be the best manuscript, this is by far the best web-based original language tool that I’ve found.

Other resources off the top of my head are GreekBible.com, Unbound Bible at Biola, Strong’s Lexicon, Online Greek Interlinear Bible, Jonathan Robie’s Biblical Greek Resources, Brown-Driver-Briggs online, and the NT Gateway with many more links.

So, even if you are away from the tools in your library or on your personal computer, you can do in-depth study from any computer with web access.

edit: Also check out the Online Critical Pseudepigrapha

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We’re all familiar with wikipedia, and I’ve found it to be a great resource for some basic information.  But what other resources are available on the Internet for basic research?

Scholastici.us gives 20 additional references.



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The lifehacker Life Learning Today posted an article entitled  25 Tips to Become More Productive and Happy at Work.  And while I don’t subscribe to every tip as a legitimate source of productivity and happiness, quite a few of them can be easily adapted.  It is quite a curiosity that Biblical wisdom is often paralleled in these lists.  But, considering the vast wisdom that it Scripture contains, perhaps it should not be any surprise at all.

Check it out here.

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