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I had never seen this until today:



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Last week I finished one of the best books on parenting and family that I’ve read of late, entitled “The Joy of a Word-Filled Family” by Paul Barnett.  Perhaps of interest to you, Paul has a website and offers the book for free in pdf along with many other resources and some audio files:



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These prices are the very lowest for these resources, lower than academic pricing via Logos.com

1) Baker NT Commentary (Hendriksen/Kistemaker) on CD-ROM (Libronix)

Print Value: $600.00
List Price of CD: $250.00
SALE Price: $69.95

To obtain your copy of the Baker NT Commentary (12 Volumes) on CD-ROM for $69.95 (an 88% savings over the print edition) go to:


2) Discipleship Journal Anthology (Issues 1-150) on CD-ROM (Libronix)

Print Value: $550.00
List Price of CD: $129.00
SALE Price: $75.00

To obtain your copy of the Discipleship Journal Anthology on CD-ROM for $75.00 (an 86% savings over the print edition) go to:


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Paradise Lost is considered to be the greatest epic poem in the English language. In it John Milton seeks to justify the ways of God to men through relating the story of Satan’s rebellion in Heaven, the deception and fall of Man, and the presaged event of Redemption through Jesus, the Son of God the Second Adam.

The audiobook is free this month from ChristianAudio.

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John MacArthur held a Q&A at the Master’s Seminary Chapel on Tuesday, and it was one I won’t soon forget.  Well, it was more of a monologue than a Q&A, but he had a lot of thoughts on his mind, and many which directly address issues I’ve been rolling over in my mind.

He spoke about the deceptiveness of taking contextualization too far.   Obviously having a cool t-shirt or trendy jeans aren’t going to themselves win more souls for Christ.  Nor will cussing or watering down the gospel.  Yet, that is what a lot of churches are doing.

He mentioned that we need to become well acquainted with the truth of Scripture, rather than pursue an intimate knowledge of the baser things in our culture, in contrast to Mark Driscoll who takes his kids to UFC.  He warned us not to paint ourselves into a corner in ministry by making ourselves relevant to only a niche of people and irrelevant to the rest of the world.  In contrast, the gospel is relevant everywhere and at all times.  MacArthur’s books have been translated into dozens of languages, and reach cultures of which he hasn’t even an elementary understanding.


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Check it out here.

They have some Christmas tunes and some useful country.  God Bless the Broken Road, anyone?

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On a different note, Rick Holland’s sermon at Crossroads yesterday was a gem. A nugget that lingers with me is the idea that maturity is primarily a developed awareness. Children are unaware of what’s going on around them and how their actions are affecting others. Maturity is the development of that awareness and skill in responding accordingly. It struck me how this is particularly bad news for men, because we seem to be chromosomally programmed to be oblivious.

Dr. Snider is referring to the message on 8/19/2007 entitled Do All to the Glory of God. You may use this link to download the sermons if the direct link does not work.

HT: Theology is Life

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