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Here is a great resource to have as an audio book! I imagine it to be something great for families to gather and listen to together, as well as something light for listening in the car. Product image

Here is the link to download it for free. Be sure to use the code “JUN2008” in order to get the discount, and no credit card info is necessary. Note, the free book of the month page is not updated and still says MAY2008.


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Free Starfield Song

New Songs from Starfield
Starfield is back with some  great new songs for your worship services. This  week’s  free sheet music includes 2 new songs from them including “Remain” (written  by Ben Cantelon) and “I Will Go“.  Make sure to  download  the Free MP3 of “Remain” too.

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Free Leeland MP3

Free mp3 from WorshipTogether.com:

Right-click here or on the image above and choose “save target as” or “save link as” to easily download the FREE MP3 file!

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If you missed out on the Shepherd’s Conference this year with John MacArthur, you can listen in for free after simply registering at the Shepherd’s Conference website. When you register, you can also view the session schedule and members listening to the conference in your area.

Share this event with a friend! The Shepherd’s Conference is March 5-9, 2008 – going on right now!


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Use the coupon code MAR2008 to redeem this month’s free audiobook download from christianaudio.com

Confessions of the Reformed Church (Unabridged) by The Augsburg, Westminister & Heidelberg Confessions

Quite simply, these are three of the most important and well-known confessions of the Reformed faith. Concise, yet with excellent detail, there is no better way to get an introduction and background of historic Reformed faith.

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The faculty at The Master’s Seminary are in the middle of their annual faculty lecture series, this time entitled “The Truth about Homosexuality.”  If you’ve ever wondered what more there is than simply “the Bible says that it is sin” or perhaps you aren’t even convinced that much, then you might be interested to check it out.  I’d recommend starting with John MacArthur’s introduction.

Link to download page (more…)

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Each month christianaudio.com gives away a premium audiobook download for free. The way our Free Audiobook of the Month program works is like this: we give away one audiobook download each month totally free. The audiobook we give away is available for free only once – ever.

Use the coupon code FEB2008 to redeem this month’s free audiobook download from christianaudio.com

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“Prayer is God’s appointed way for obtaining things, and the great secret of all lack in our experience, in our life and in our work is neglect of prayer.”

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