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Recently I had the opportunity to review one of the latest offerings from the folks at Logos Bible Software. For those of you who are not familiar with the company, this Bellevue, WA based company began providing a software platform for Bible study in 1991. They provide tools for complex Bible searches (and more) and digitize texts so you can use their software for study or as a digital library. Their software is currently in version 5, and I began using it when it was in version 2, so I’ve been following them for some time.

There have been a number of new initiatives at Logos. They’ve begun to “go social” with Bible study, making the FaithLife Study Bible. They have their own imprint, “Kirkdale Press,” from which they publish Christian fiction and other titles. And, what is most relevant to this review, they have begun to publish their own curriculum and material. “Mary: Devoted to God’s Plan” is the second in the “Studies in Faithful Living” series, which I will be reviewing.

The standalone resource can be purchased currently for $19.95 and is intended for individuals and group members. The full church curriculum adds a leader’s guide and collection of media¬†resources for a total of¬†$84.95. Herein lies the first challenge: there is no print version available, so your group members will need to purchase it digitally from Logos, and read/follow-along in one of a number of digital ways (desktop application, web app, mobile phone or tablet app). While the digital format has progressed to allow “writable answer boxes” I think many churches would appreciate the option of physical books. Perhaps Logos can provide a print run in the future.


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