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As many of you know, MacHeist is offering another software bundle. Even if you don’t buy, there is free software just for visiting. I have a referral link below:


The price is only $39 this year, and, I’m not sure if you’re interested, but my friend has a MacHeist account that he is not using, but which entitles him to a $6 discount. If you want to have it, that is available.

Here are the apps, the retail value, and the total value of the bundle when everything is unlocked:

iSale $39.95
Picturesque $34.95
SousChef $30.00
World of Goo $20.00
PhoneView $19.95
LittleSnapper $39.00
Acorn $49.95
Kinemac $299.00
WireTap Studio $69.00
Big Bang Board Games $24.95
Current Bundle Value $626.75

Locked Applications
BoinxTV $199.00
The Hit List $69.95
Espresso $80.00
Total Unlocked Value $975.70


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I can’t recommend Dropbox highly enough! I’m just about finished setting it up to synchronize my Mac to-do lists, Lightroom catalog, and other databases between my Macbook and Mac Mini.

How? It just takes a little terminal work if the programs can’t natively choose an alternate location for preference/database files. I’ll put a post on that in the future.

In the meantime, here is another referral link. If you sign up using it, you’ll receive 250megs extra, as will I. I’ve been using Dropbox ever since beta and completely overlooked that this existed.


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It is a classic, and available for free this month from Christianaudio. Check out this link:


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Mozy is great! It is an online backup service for your computer, and it offers 2gb of free storage. Think of it as dropbox, except for backups rather than sync’ing.

There is also a referral program, where the person signing up, and the referrer, both get an extra 256 megs of space. If you haven’t signed up yet, feel free to use my link and we both benefit:


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