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If you already own patristic works, you most likely have the sources from which these quotes are pulled.  Yet, this compilation is a great resource to draw out the clearest quotes for illustration or understanding.  The price is about $70 cheaper than the academic price, so it represents a good deal:

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Discover The Book

Last week I finished one of the best books on parenting and family that I’ve read of late, entitled “The Joy of a Word-Filled Family” by Paul Barnett.  Perhaps of interest to you, Paul has a website and offers the book for free in pdf along with many other resources and some audio files:



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NT Exhortation

This understanding should impact our preaching:

The writers of the New Testament wrote their books to people – ones who had attached themselves to the church by a profession of faith.  They were not so naive as to presume that all who would come into contact with their letters were regenerate individuals.  However, they did not question or disparage the professed faith of their readers.  The apostles addressed the church according to its profession and in this manner included tests, exhortations, and admonitions to depend solely upon grace, and warnings against apostasy by which the readers could measure their own profession and ascertain their status.

Exhortations in Scripture have at least a threefold purpose: 1) to reveal the spurious professor of faith, 2) to cause the believer to strive for holiness of life, and 3) to drive the believer to his only source of enablement – the preseving grace of God.

Ardel B. Caneday, unpublished post-grad seminar paper, Grace Theological Seminary, 1977

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The website The Holy Observer has articles of Christian satire, and one in particular caught my attention. I’ll include most of the article below, and I encourage you to check out the site if you’re interested

HOUSTON – The employment of James Kim as youth pastor at Mt. Olive Baptist church here has resulted in some disappointment among church members, but not for the usual pastoral dissatisfaction reasons.

“When I saw that we had hired him, I was so excited,” said church treasurer Lilly Rudd. “I thought we could finally start an outreach to the Chinese and Filipino populations of Houston, but when he opened his mouth I noticed there was no accent at all – even his l’s and r’s were all pronounced right. That’s when I had to ask him if he even spoke Chinese at all. I was completely speechless when he told me he’d never even been outside the US.”

“We had a lot of good candidates for the job,” Eisen said. “It was a really close race between some really good guys, and the slightest considerations ended up making the difference. While we may not have discussed it directly with him, the committee talked a lot about how great it would be to start some karate outreach programs with the youth group and how it would be cool to do some Kabuki drama skits on Sundays. Now, it looks like none of that is gonna happen. Needless to say, we were quite disappointed.”

Kim seems unfazed by the nonplussed nature of his new employers.

“We’re talking about starting a basketball ministry to reach out to some of the poorer youth in the African American neighborhoods,” he said. “Then we were talking about some kind of Halo 3 party to draw the kids in, but we’ll have to talk about that, because I’m not very good at video games.”

As far as satiating the hunger of church leaders for some eastern flavor from their youth leader, Kim says that there are a few things that may stand him in better stead over time.

“I’ve had acupuncture a couple of times, and I really liked it,” he said. “Oh, plus, I took some violin lessons as a kid, and I’m a really bad driver, so I think I’ll be OK.”

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Memorable Quote

Taking the path of least resistance is what makes rivers and men crooked.

Ernie and Rose Baker

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Have a look at these videos.  They will give some perspective on Rick Warren’s ministry, in his own words (with commentary).  On the first video, start at the 2 minute mark, and on the second video the best part begins at the 3 minute mark.

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