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I haven’t seen too much publicity for this little company up in Canada, and I understand the risks involved with purchasing hosting from small companies which are notorious for going out of business, but so far this looks like a great deal.

Tophostingcenter is offering a “Rudolph” plan to the first 1000 to sign up, and it has gone on for about a month now.  I was skeptical at first, but I’ve since spoken to customer service a few times, and as I understand it from other blogs, this company generally makes its money from renting its dedicated servers.  In addition to the hosting, the offer includes a free domain registration for life (or the life of their company, really).  But even if it only stays in business for two years, it should be worth it, and I hope it will stay in business much longer than that.

The deal includes following: (more…)


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Refurbished Macs in Stock

Available right now at the Apple store online, and each of these is eligible for a discount copy of Leopard.

Refurbished MacBook 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo – White
13.3-inch glossy widescreen display
1GB memory
120GB hard drive
8x SuperDrive (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
Built-in iSight camera
Learn More
• Save 20% off the original price

Original price: $1,299.00
Your price: $1,049.00 


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Affluenza, by Josh Harris

Josh Harris is in the middle of a blog series entitled “Affluenza” which deals with the problem of wealth in the Bible.

Here are links to the posts so far.  FirstSecondThirdFourthFifth.

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Getting Things Done

David Allen has a zipped archive of 17 articles available to download for free at the David Allen Company online store. Whether you’re a die-hard GTDer or just use certain portions of the methodology (like Gina), the articles are a great supplement to the concepts presented in the book. The downside to all of the free content is that you must provide an email address and a billing address since the download is considered a “purchase” from the online store (even though it is a free download). You don’t need to hand over any credit card information, though. Hit the jump for the list of articles included in the download.

The following are the titles of the articles included in the bundle:

  • 5 Phases
  • Stalking the Wild Projects
  • Palm
  • Are You Micro-Managing Your Mind?
  • The Weekly Review
  • The Coach as Personal Trainer
  • The Threefold Nature of Work
  • Make It Up and Make It Happen
  • Organizing a Paper Organizer
  • The Productivity Investments
  • General Reference Filing
  • The Tickler File
  • Overtime… All the Time
  • Managing Work on a Vacation
  • Personal Inventory Control
  • Workflow Diagram
  • Workflow Advanced

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VLC uses Winamp Skins

It only uses Winamp Classic skins, but it may be useful for someone.

To change VLC’s skin, load the program, hit the “Settings” menu, select “Switch interface” and then “Skins 2.” Once the modern-looking skin loads, you can right-click on blank space, choose “Select skin” and see how the player works and acts with a Winamp Classic skin. If you want to keep the skin, head for the Interface->Main interfaces->Skins dialog in VLC’s preferences and make sure “Advanced options” is checked.

HT: Lifehacker

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Open Source Software

Here is some more.

HT: Lifehacker

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What is Faith?

Words used to have more meaning.  But now, it is as if people define their terms as they see fit, which is both unfortunate and dangerous.

Over at the Parchment and Pen blog, Michael Patton has another intriguing post on the usage of the word “faith.”  It begins:

What is faith? This is a very basic question that oftentimes is taken for granted because of the word’s wide usage in many different context. Because of this and because of its importance in the Christian worldview I thought that I would do what I could to briefly explain some important elements of faith. More importantly, I hope to demonstrate as briefly as I can how faith has been redefined in the Church to the point that it is in danger of relegating Christianity to irrelevancy, having equal pluralistic status with all the other major belief systems in the world.

Here is the post.

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